Sleep is for the Weak
Then Again so is Insanity
Comfort || Laura & Dwight

As soon as Laura was released from isolation she headed straight to her room, not quite caring for anyone to see her. She opened the door to see that her roommate seemed to have found her way to the asylum finally. Sighing, Laura went straight to the shower feeling like she needed to try and wash off the other night.

Once she was out of the shower she poked and prodded at her bruises before putting on one of her longer night dresses. She then grabbed a jacket and put on her shoes before heading out of her room and up the stairs to Dwight’s room.

Once she found the label with Dwight’s name on it she knocked three times. While she would rather be alone right now, if she was going to be forced to interact with anyone it might as well be Dwight.

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    "Good night Dwight." She whispered back the feeling of his hands rubbing her arms the last thing she remembered before...
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    Dwight kissed the top of her head and held her close to him, rubbing her arms softly. "Goodnight, laura." he whispered...