Sleep is for the Weak
Then Again so is Insanity
Movies & Gossip || Laura & Charlie

Laura was sitting alone in her room wondering where in the world her roommate could have disappeared to. After her night with Dwight she was feeling more like herself and ready to mingle with other patients again.

Going down to the kitchen, Laura made a bowl of popcorn and grabbed two bottles of water before going up to Charlie’s room. Just before she got sent to isolation they had planned to watch a movie together so she was hoping Charlie would still be free.

Once outside his door she knocked as best she could with her hands full and waited for the older boy to open his door.

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    Laura smiled at Charlie. “I’m just teasing you Charlie. It’s what I’d do with Justin if I ever saw him anymore.” She...
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    Charlie just laughed softly, shaking his head then nodded a bit. “Okay,” he responded to her answer. “I’m sure he’ll be...