Sleep is for the Weak
Then Again so is Insanity
Happenstance || Laura & Derek

Well the antidepressants were working like they should. Laura definitely felt a lot happier whenever she took them as per Ms. Medel’s request. She had never been fond of pills, especially not after she got really sick after accidentally taking too many sleeping pills. Laura trusted Ms. Medel though and was going to do whatever she could to get out of here.

She was wondering the halls aimlessly before Derek crossed her mind. She still felt bad for accidentally saying the wrong name and felt like she should apologize to him. Skipping up to Derek’s room, Laura knocked and bounced on her heels as she waited for Derek to answer.

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    Laura smiled a little before nodding. “Yeah I guess… it’s really nice talking with you Derek.” She said before giving...
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    Derek looked at Laura. She seemed lost for words and he wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. “So uh, see you around I...