Sleep is for the Weak
Then Again so is Insanity
Intercepted || Laura & Charlie

As soon as Laura had picked the farthest space from Spencer as she could given the cabins, Laura immediately dashed out the door. She felt a little bad since she didn’t have a problem with anyone else in the cabin but she wanted out before they decided that the five of them should be best friends or something. She had Jake, Sebastian, Charlie and Dwight. If needed she could always talk with Derek or Cameron.

She headed straight for Cabin Three where Dwight was hoping to see him before Spencer or Sydney beat her to him. It was ridiculous that Spencer and Sydney ended up in the same group together. She knocked before walking in wondering where cabin three’s occupants were.

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    Laura knew that Justin had to focus on himself in order to get better. She knew that it was obviously going to take some...
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    Charlie listened to her and fell silent for a long moment. Laura was obviously upset about this, and rightly so… but was...