Sleep is for the Weak
Then Again so is Insanity
Cabin Three || Laura &

Laura was laying across Charlie’s bed, her journal open in front of her. She was trying to think of something to write. A summary of the day or her feelings on this entire week but nothing was coming to her. It was strange that a girl who had so much to say could never find anything to write. Sighing, Laura turned over so that she was facing the wall.

It was almost curfew and Laura had yet to see Dwight. She had to rationalize to herself that Dwight was with Charlie and Derek doing the scavenger hunt she conveniently disappeared for. Sighing again, Laura continued to stare at her notebook wishing that anyone was in the cabin with her so that she could talk to someone.

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    Laura leaned into Dwight for a moment before pulling away. She didn’t want to have to rely on Dwight to make her happy....
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    Dwight curled up on the bed behind her and propped his chin on his shoulder. He didn’t like this, not at all. Normally...